Best Machine to massage legs | Top 10 massagers reviews 2020

Top 10 Machine To Massage Legs

How do you feel if you get a pleasant & warm legs massage after your hectic day? Or you get the best solution for your several leg & foot issues? 

Then the smart massage machine for legs could be an effective solution for your needs.

And the machine to massage legs will help you to relax and get some time to pamper yourself most beneficially.

Also, leg & foot pain, inflammation, & arthritis is the most common issue with our parents. And they continuously complain about it.

 In this case, the easy to use machine to massage legs can be a personal therapist to your parents. And the best part is every family member can use this machine to massage legs as per their needs. Soon it will become an integrated part of your family. 

And It can provide you & your family a spa type experience at your own home. So you don’t have to spend any money on expensive spa therapies.

Moreover, this could be a tempting gift for your parents & loved ones, which can amaze them.

Having the most suitable machine to massage legs at home, will provide you instant relaxation and also tackle various leg issues

But picking the most suitable, reliable, & value for money massager machine is not an easy task, because there are several massage machine for legs available in the market. And every massager has various features and functions.

Therefore after a deep research, various product comparisons, & customer reviews, we produce the most in-depth review article for the top 10 best machine to massage legs.

We are 100% assure you that this article will complete your hunt to find the best massage machine for legs.

PLEASE NOTE: for ease of understanding & value for money purchase, we divide our top 10 massager machine list into two parts.


full & compact leg massager machines

1st is TOP 5 FULL LEG MASSAGER & 2nd is TOP 5 COMPACT FOOT MASSAGER. Both type of massager machine has some of its advantages and limitation in it. We explain it more briefly in our buying guide. 

Below we mentioned our top 10 best leg massagers. Also, for good purchase, you can refer to our BUYING GUIDE, which can help you to understand which massager machine is best suitable for you.

Our Pick


Full Leg Massager

JSB HF05 Ultra leg & Foot massager

JSB HF05 Ultra leg & Foot massager

Value for money best machine to massage legs with all best massage techniques. Also, JSB brand trust and on site service make this device no.1 in our list.

Compact Foot Massager

HealthSense LM 310 best massage machine for foot

HealthSense LM310 foot massager

This handy massager capable to massage several body parts with multiple massage technique. Its ergonomic design make it perfect compact foot massager.


The best part with this massager machine is that it can provide you a full leg massage experience in one massage session. That means it can massage your foot, ankles, and calves at the same time. So here is the top 5 machine to massage legs.

1. JSB HF05 Ultra leg & Foot massager, the best machine to massage legs

JSB HF05 Acquire 1st place in our review list, because of its PERFORMANCE, FEATURES, CUSTOMER REVIEWS, & BRAND TRUST

JSB Has been a pioneer in the health and fitness industry for more than 35 years.

To produce a great massage experience, this ergonomic leg massager combines different massage techniques like,

  • Kneading Massage – This full leg massager offers you kneading massage with its rubber pads to effectively massage your foot ankle and calf at the same time. This kneading massage gives you a feel like a human hand pressing massage.
  • Roller & Scraping Massage – Also, it provides you massage on foot & calf with reflexology rollers for better blood circulation. 
  • Scraping massage – It also provides Scraping Massage on Foot Sole.
  • Vibration Mode – While massaging, it can also provide full leg vibration to improve blood circulation.
  • Heat Function – It generates heat to relax your tired muscles and delivers a warm relaxation effect. 

It has 3 different vibration, and 3 different kneading massage modes for better massage experience.

So this full leg massager machine is best suitable for the person who experiences foot & calf pain after whole day of work. And want instant relaxation. It is also effective in varicose veins & for arthritis & knee pain. And help to improve blood circulation.

Moreover, this massager can recline up to 45 degrees so you can use this massager while sitting on a chair or in a reclining position.

Also, this can automatically turn off after 15 min of massage session so you can sleep while taking a massage. 

Moreover, you can remove its fabric cover and wash it to maintain good hygiene.

So as per our research, this is one of the best and value for money massage machine for legs   

With all of these features and functions, JSB offers 1 year of manufacture warranty for this jsb foot massager. And it consumes very less energy up to 60W.

2. Lifelong LLM99 Foot, Calf and massage machine for legs

It’s hard to place this full leg massager device on 2nd place in our review list. Because Lifelong LLM99 also has great FEATURES, PERFORMANCE, and TRUST. With good customer reviews, you can also consider this foot massager as your priority of purchase.

This full leg massager uses all essential massage techniques like,

  • kneading Massage- It uses flexible rubber pads that provide you a professional spa-like experience. 
  • Roller Massage- It’s special massage technique produces roller massage to foot area and effectively squeeze and massage feet, ankles and calf all at the same time.
  • Scraping massage – It also gives Scraping Massage on Foot Sole.
  • Vibration – It uses leg vibration to improve blood circulation.
  • Heat Function – With the help of heat function you experience muscle relaxation.

This leg massager has 4 customizable massage modes for all its massage techniques. Also, it has 3 auto-programs and 3 personal preference programs with an LED display, which provides you the ease of operation.

Its reflexology massage therapy helps in relieving muscle tension and aids better blood circulation. And it aptly created to give electronic simulation on the essential pressure points at the sides of the sole. And helps you relax, Maintains Blood Pressure, strengthens muscles, improves balance and flexibility.

No worries if you fall in sleep while taking massage because it has a 15-minute auto shut-off feature built-in it.

It comes with two removable fabric covers so you can remove and wash it for better hygiene.

Moreover, this ergonomic massage machine for legs, provides you 1-year of brand warranty. And with 4 individual powerful copper motors, which consumes only 80W of power. So this full leg massager machine is a great energy-efficient device. Hence this is another best machine to massage legs.

3. Dr Physio Shiatsu Electric Powerful machine to massage legs

Dr Physio is another reputed brand in the massage industry. This is also a fabulous full leg massager machine. As it provides you multifunction massage therapy like,

  • Kneading massage 
  • Air pressure massage 
  • Scraping massage 
  • Rolling massage 
  • vibration 
  • Heat function

You can control all these massage functions with the help of an elegant massage display. It also provides 3 massage modes & Various types of Massage function.

All types of Dr physio massagers based on shiatsu massage technique that involves manual pressure applied to specific points on the body in an attempt to relieve tension and pain. Also, it helps in relieving muscle tension and aids better blood circulation.

With this sleek, stylish, & powerful 80W full leg massager you can enjoy complete professional spa massage experience to the comfort of your own home.

Instead of 15 min auto-off in this massager, you can set a message time duration. So after a particular time, it will turn off.

You can even remove the fabric cover of massager for easy cleaning.

It design with pure copper four-speed motors to produce high performance with energy efficiency. 

This full leg massager comes with 6 months of warranty.

4. AGARO the best FOLDABLE machine to massage legs

AGARO recently lunch a stylish foldable foot massager. This massager is a good example of smart engineering. 

Because of its folding feature, you can use it in two different modes. One is only as a foot massager in a folding state. And another is as a full leg massager in unfold state, which can cover your feet, ankles, & calf.

Also, you get two different impressive touch control panels in folded and unfolded mode. And its compactness allows you to store it anywhere.

With smart design and style, this compact leg massager offers you several massage function like,

  • Air compressed Kneading 
  • Bi-Directional Rolling massage 
  • Scraping massage 
  • Vibration 
  • Mild heat therapy

This massager is capable to provide you most relaxing and revitalizing massage experience while achieving a beneficial reflexology effect. 

It also provides you three intensity levels to choose the desired strength of the massage. 

To maintain good hygiene it provides you removable & washable foot sleeves.

No worries if fall in sleep because it provides a 15-minutes cycle with Auto Shut Off.

With this smart and compact model, you get 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty for AGARO.

5. AGARO 33159 Relaxing Foot & Calf massage machine for legs

Our fifth and final full leg massager is from AGARO. We select this full leg massager because of its affordability. 

This massager offers you,

  • Kneading massage
  • Rolling massage
  • Scraping massage

This ergonomic design massager can provide you good quality massage experience. It can help to increase blood circulation & provides muscle relaxation.

It also provides 3 Automatic modes & 3 manual massage options for ease of operation. 

Removable & Washable foot sleeves allow you to make good quality of hygiene.

Moreover, this full leg massager provides 15 minutes cycle with auto shut off.

The massager can be reclined up to 45 degrees so you can take a massage while sitting & in a relaxed reclined position.

In this massager, you will not get vibration and heat function. But comparatively, it is the cheapest device in our top 5 massage machine for legs list. So if you have a budget issue then you can surely go with this machine to massage legs. 


This type of massagers is very compact and budget-oriented. It also can differentiate into two types. 

  1. Some of these foot massagers can provide you massage for your foot, ankles, calves, & even arms too. But not in a single massage session. You have to massage these body parts separately.
  2. Its second type can only cover your foot. There is no provision to massage your calves and arms. But this type of machine is specifically designed to tackle chronic foot pains.

And here is the top 5 massage machine for foot, 

1. HealthSense (India) Heal-Touch LM 310 best massage machine for foot

HealthSense LM 310 acquires 1st place in our top 5 review list for the compact machine to massage legs.  

If you are looking for a compact, budget-oriented, multifunction foot massager, then this could be the end of your search. Because HealthSense invents this compact multifunction massage machine for legs.

This powerful leg massager can massage your foot with these following massage techniques.

Kneading massage – Two silicon rubber pads deliver you satisfying squeezing massage to the feet from both sides.

Roller massage – Rightly placed rollers to massage the arch of the foot, which improves the natural healing ability of our body.

Acupressure Massage – Dual boards sitting on the front and rear side target the acupoints on the feet, which improve blood circulation.

Infrared heating function – It’s warm infrared heat provides an instant relaxing effect to your tired feet.

Also, its 360 Degree Rotation Swivel stand allows you to adjust your foot massager to any required angle. So for the calf massage, you don’t need to adjust your position with your massager. It can also provide you an effective hand massage.

For the ease of operation, it comes with an easy to operate wireless remote. You can also control this massager manually with a touchscreen LED panel.

It also has a probability to remove its washable fabric cover for better hygiene.

It’s another feature is, 15-min auto shut off

With all these features and affordability, this compact foot massager offers you a 1-year product warranty.

So you can consider this as the best massage machine for foot available in the Indian market.

2. Lifelong LLM81 massage machine for legs

2nd-foot massager on our list is from Lifelong. And this is another multifunction, compact machine to massage legs. This massager uses the same effective massage techniques like,

  • Kneading massage
  • Roller massage
  • Acupressure massage
  • Heat therapy

All these massage techniques help you get rid of pain, relieve fatigue, and achieve a healthy & stress-free body. 

You can customize your massage experience with 4-automatic programs and 3-custom massage modes. And you also can easily operate this device by wireless remote or direct from its control panel.

You can also enjoy calf and hands massage by sitting on the floor or laying down.

It’s powerful 40-watt motor automatically turns off itself after 15 mins. So no worries if you fall in sleep while taking a massage.

You also can remove its fabric cover for the cleaning purpose.

This handy device comes with a 1-year brand warranty.

So this is another comparatively cheap compact massage machine for legs in our list.

3. AGARO 33158 Shiatsu massage machine for foot

Like AGARO’s full leg massager and its foldable leg massager, they also invent another compact foot massager for human welfare. AGARO is a new brand to the market, but they proved themself with their quality products.

This shiatsu massager provides you massage therapy like,

  • Kneading massage
  • Roller massage
  • Scraping massage

These massage technique helps to increase blood circulation & muscle relaxation. Also, it provides 4-automatic massage programs and 3-custom mode stetting.

By seating on a chair or laying on the bed, you can massage different parts of the body like foot, claves, & arms.

This foot massager provides you washable foot sleaves. And its 15-mins auto turn off property prevent over massaging.

Also, this device backed with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

And this is one of the affordable, and reliable machine to massage legs. 

4. HealthSense LM 330 Heal-Touch Pro Acupressure and Shiatsu massage machine for foot

If you facing chronic foot and ankles pains, then LM 330 could be one of the dedicated foot massager for you. This massager specially designed for foot only & no coverage for claves. And because of its amazing customer reviews & performance, we introduce this ergonomically designed foot massager in our review list.

This massager is so effective on foot-related issues. Because it implement most effective foot massage techniques like,

  • Acupoint massage – It uses 60 acupoints, which mimic fingertip massage to your toes and heels.
  • Kneading massage– It provides you deep rolling shiatsu massage for arches.
  • Air pressure massage – This provides soothing and squeezing massage, which helps to improve blood circulation.
  • Heat therapy – Its heat therapy helps to provide relaxation to your foot muscles.  

All these massage therapies are so effective in several types of foot pains.

Also, this machine has 15 mins auto-off feature. And it uses breathable mesh cover to provide you a comfortable massage experience. And you can also wash these mesh cover to maintain better hygiene.

It’s smart design also provides you good ventilation & moisture dispersion.

Moreover, its pure copper motor delivers low noise, superior performance, & prolonged motor life.

So if you experiencing any kind of foot issues, then you can surely go with this highly dedicated foot massager.

Health Sense LM 330 backed with a 1-year manufactures warranty.

5. Dr Physio (USA) Electric Powerful Shiatsu massage machine for foot

Another dedicated foot massager designed by Dr physio. This brand is a specialist in health-related products, so you don’t have to worry about its performance and reliability.

This foot massager is the best massager for foot-related issues. Because it uses multiple massage therapy on your foot like,

  • Powerful Kneading massage
  • Roller massage
  • Acupoint massage
  • Airbag pressure massage
  • Heat therapy

So it’s an ideal device if you suffering from pain in the foot.

And the limitation is you can’t massage your calves and arms in this massager.

Further, this massager has 3-different massage modes and 3-strength levels. Also, You can set time for your massage session. And if you fall in sleep while massaging, then this will auto shut off after 30-mins.

For ease of operation, they provide an LED display and wireless remote with it.

The massager comes with a removable and washable massage cover for better hygiene.

This product comes with 6-months of warranty.

On the base of good customer reviews, you can conclude this device as the best massage machine for foot.

Buying Guide

1.Intent for buying leg massager machine -

There are several types of massage machine for legs available in the market. And each massager machine uses different massage techniques, which produces different results and benefits.

Some of leg massager can improve your blood circulation & give the relaxing effect. While some massager machines designed to cure several leg and foot issues

So let first ask yourself, for what reason you want to purchase the machine to massage legs?

Do you want to purchase it to release all tiredness and pressure after a long day of work & want instant relaxing effect?


Do you want to tackle your different leg and foot pains?

If you suffered from chronic leg and foot pains & have any pre-medical conditions, then we strongly advise you that you should first consult with your doctor to suggest a suitable one for you.

2. Design of massage machine for legs -

We already mentioned that we divide our top 10 massager machine list into two parts. One is TOP 5 FULL LEG MASSAGER & another is TOP 5 COMPACT FOOT MASSAGER.

Both types of massager machine has some advantages and some limitations in it. So, you need to understand this segmentation before making a purchase. And this segmentation will lead you to a relevant purchase as per your requirement.

1. Full leg massager-

full leg massager


  • Full leg massagers are the most popular type of machine to massage legs. This type of massager can massage your foot, ankles, & claves (calf) at the same time. So you can enjoy full leg massage experience in one massage session.   
  • This massager machines also use the most beneficial massage techniques. Apart from this, they utilize warm heat therapy, which helps to produce an instant relaxing effect.
  • This type of massager use vibration technique to improve blood circulation.
  • They are easy to use & gives you the best massage experience. So once you start using it, you will never look for different types of massagers.


  • Comparatively expensive than compact foot massager.
  • This type of massager is heavy and consumes more space than compact foot massager.

2. Compact foot massager-

compact leg massager


  • The demand for this type of massage machine for foot is rising day by day. 
  • This type of massagers is very compact and only covers your foot at a time. And there is no coverage for the calves, which make it a small & compact size massager. So if you have a size-oriented issue, then you can go with this type of massager.
  • Some of these massager machines have the probability to massage your foot, claves, and even your arms, one by one. So you can massage all other different body parts one by one.
  • Whereas, some of these massage machine can only massage your foot. They can’t provide massage to your other body parts. But they are specially designed to tackle all the foot-related issues.
  • Also all these compact foot massagers are comparatively cheaper than full leg massager.
  • Moreover, some of these foot massagers come with wireless remote for ease of operation.


  • In this type of massage machine for foot can’t provide you full leg massage experience in one massage session.
  • All of these compact foot massagers are unable to provide vibration therapy.

3. Application of massager-

As we saw different types of massagers and there’s massage ability. Some can provide you full leg massage in a single massage session. Whereas some can provide massage for foot, ankles, claves, & even arms too. But you have to massage these body parts independently.

And some types can only massage your foot. And these are specially designed to cure your foot-related issues.

So as per your massage need, you can select the device. And in this articlewe showcase all types of massager machines.

4. Massage Techniques-

Different types of machine to massage legs can implement different massage techniques. And these massage techniques directly related to the outcome of massage. So we need to consider this parameter while purchasing a massage machine for legs.

Let’s understand some of the most common massage techniques available in these leg massagers. So you can select the most suitable massager by considering its massaging techniques.

Kneading massage-

Kneading massager

This type of massage fulfill by applying pressure on the targeted body part. It also involves stretching & loosening muscles and stiff-knots. This type of massage helps to soothing muscles and improve blood circulation. If you handle high-stress then this type of massage is beneficial for you.

Rolling and scraping massage-

This type of massage technique uses different types of rollers to massage. This massage helps to relieve muscle tightness, soreness, and inflammation. And it is best suitable for the person who involved in a physical field job. 

Vibration therapy-

This massage technique simply uses vibration to massage the targeted part of the body, which stimulates nerves, relieve muscular tension, and decrease stress. This massage also relieves tight muscles & improve blood circulation. And anyone can use this type of massage.

Heat therapy-

heat therapy massage

While taking massage some of machine to massage legs applied heat on the foot palm area. It helps to improve blood circulation & provides instant pain relief. This therapy is beneficial in pain relief as well as add relaxing effect in massage therapy. All these leg massager adds mild-warm effect in massage therapy. And anyone can take its advantages.

Shiatsu acupressure therapy-

Accupressure massage therapy

This is an old age and effective massage technique, which involves manual pressure applied to specific points on the body in an attempt to relieve tension and pain. This massage also increases blood circulation. And very beneficial for those people who suffer from various body pains.

Infrared therapy-

infrared massager

It’s a light-based therapy. This infrared light can penetrate even the deep layers of skin and provide better pain relief. This therapy widely used to cure different injuries. And it enhances cell regeneration. So this therapy is beneficial for someone who suffers from long time injuries.

Air pressure-

Air-pressure massage

This massage technique applied pressure on painful areas to release muscle tension and improve blood circulation. Anyone can take this massage.

5. Heat & vibration function-

As we already discuss the importance of heat and vibration therapy. Some of these massagers use both therapies. So you should consider this parameter while making a purchase

6. Usability & control-

Purchasing of leg massager depends on who will use this massager. If the user of the massager is an old age person, then the massager should be easy to operate. And it’s great if it operates with simple remote control because lots of old age people find it difficult to bend down and operate the massager.

7.Size & Weight-

Size is directly related to who can or cannot use the massager. Some machine to massage legs can accommodate feet up to the size of 15 feet while some can only massage up to 10 feet. So if you have long feet you should choose the model accordingly.
When it comes to the weight of massager, we all want lightweight massager. But the massager with an excellent outer body and good quality machine is always heavyweight. And these are more stable and effective massagers. So we suggest you to purchase good quality massager by avoiding its weight parameter.

8. Brand trust-

You should consider a brand in mind to get a high-quality massage machine for legs. We compare several massage brands and analyzed all top-performing leg massager. And on that basis, we showcase some of the value for money products in our list. So you don’t need to research it.
We recommend brand-oriented product because they are reliable, long-lasting, & come with a warranty, which add value to your hard-earned money. Brands oriented products also provide satisfying after-sale service as compare to local products. So you can pick any of the above massager, which suits your massaging needs.

9. Budget-

Budget is another prior factor when it comes to investment. But keep in mind that massager with high functionality is a little costly than the massager with less functionality.
But no need to worry because this article represents all cost-efficient devices with high functionality. So you can purchase the most valuable machine to massage legs.


Below you can explore answers to some common questions asked by customers before buying a massager. That can also help you in your buying process.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, machine to massage legs are completely-safe. And best to provide instant relaxing effect, and help to cure your normal leg pains. But if you suffer from any pre-medical leg & foot issues, then we recommend you consult with your doctor before using any of the massage machine for legs. 

You can buy a machine to massage legs from a local pharmacy or online store. You can go with Amazon or Flipkart as they provide a good discount and offers. Or you can also refer to this article, which can lead you to one of the best leg massager.

Yes, a massage machine for foot can give you great-refreshment after your hectic day. It also can produce several health benefits like improving blood circulation, reduce foot pain, inflammation, anxiety, & muscle soreness. Lost more health-benefits can achieve with the help of foot massager.

It is a device where you can place your foot to get a massage. Electrical foot massager designed to produce effective foot massage. With the help of kneading pads, rollers, heat, and vibration. These foot massager can operate on electricity or battery.

There is no standard set for how many times you can take massage. But recommendations show that you can take a daily 15 mins of massage session or as per your needs. Excessive massager use can lead you to some serious health issues. It’s better to take physician advice if you suffer from any foot-related pains. 

Foot & leg massager is best for the person who spends lots of time sitting or standing, which can cause stiff-knots & soreness in muscle. Also, with doctor recommendation, the foot and leg massager is an excellent option for older people who suffer from chronic leg & foot pains. 

Several choices available in the market for a foot massager. But brand-oriented massager comes with lots of features and reliability so you can go with it. Moreover, this article showcases the top massage machine for foot & legs with our in-depth buying guide, which will help you to choose one of the best massager for you.

Most of the diabetic patients suffer from leg and feet pain. And also feel discomfort in leg & feet. The main culprits for this is poor blood circulation. And all of the leg & foot massagers priorly target to improve your blood circulation. So these machine to massage legs is good for diabetic person. But before implementing, you should ask your doctor which one is best suitable for you.

Pregnant lady usually faced feet swelling & pain during pregnancy. And massager can treat you better buy improving blood circulation in your legs. But we highly advise you to consult a gynecologist or obstetrician before use, because every massage machine for legs delivers a different result. 

Every machine to massage legs has different functions. You can refer to its user guide to understand its functions. Usually, you just have to place your legs in the massaging section of massager. And turn on the massager. Then with the help of its control panel built on its body or with wireless remote, you can adjust its intensity & enjoy the massage.

After that commonly asked questions, people are always curious to know about its health advantages. But this device could be harmful in case of excessive use and some pre-medical condition. So let’s understand some vital advantages and disadvantages with this leg massager machine.

Advantage of Leg Massager

In today’s busy world, you didn’t get time to take care of yourself. And your feet handle lots of pressure throughout the day. So you might have to take care of your legs to stay active. 

And for that, you can use a machine to massage legs. It can provide instant relaxation at your own home. So you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money & time on expensive spas & massage parlours.

These leg massagers not just used for relaxation, it can also produce numerous health benefits. Let’s discuss some of the proven health benefits with these massage machine for legs.

  1. The main target of the massager device is to activate proper blood circulation in your body. And good blood circulation prevent several health issues.
  2. Its relaxation therapy removes all stress & anxiety.
  3. Regular massage help to cure all leg pains and improve your muscle strength.
  4. Research also shows that it helps to prevent mood swings and depression
  5. Lot’s of people complain about less sleep. So massage before going to bed can provide you quick & peaceful sleep.
  6. Massaging feet can reduce muscle soreness, help with joint pains & can cure long time injuries.

Disadvantage of Leg Massager

There are no disadvantages with leg massagers until it used with proper instructions provided by the manufacturer or physician. Machine to massage legs can be harmful if it not recommended for your health condition. Also, excessive use of massager can cause some major health issues.

  1. If you already suffer from some types of body pain, then it’s highly recommended that you should first consult with your doctor to avoid any type of serious issue.
  2. All massage machine for legs comes with an instruction manual. So we have to read it carefully before using it.
  3. Some types of massaging therapy is not suitable If you have any pre-medical condition. Hence it’s better to ask your doctor first before using a massage machine for legs.
  4. Excessive use of massager machine is always dangerous for you.
  5. Long massaging sessions also caused some side effects of massage. Most of massager comes with 15-mins auto-off mode & you can also set your massaging session to 15 mins for better results.
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