Sheild For COVID19 Battle


Currently, the biggest fear in our mind is that once we have been detected positive by the government or medical professionals, then there is no assurity of coming back home and meeting our family again. The reason behind this is several rumors surfacing about human organ trafficking and 1.5lakh rupees subsidy behind every patient in recent times.

On the other hand, some people from medical specialization are continuously saying that COVID-19 being one of the biggest medical scam and multi-million dollar market. They even claim that it is just a type of viral flu, and you don’t have to be afraid of it.

But statistics say that many people are infected by this virus on a large scale and died as well, which scares us. At the same time, there are many examples where several people have tackled this virus successfully at home itself based on immunity.

Both the above situations are true on some point, but it creates lots of confusion. And only the common man is the one who suffers the most in this situation. Because we have already spent 4-5 months under this lock-down situation and it is difficult to continue any further without any earnings. Moreover, some gov-essential services and even private sectors are forcing their employees to rejoin/continue their work from offices.

On the other hand, countries like Japan, China, Newzealand have been regularly guiding its people with some crucial health tips and healthy diet changes to tackle COVID-19. And the number shows that with these techniques, they have successfully tackle it.

But it is disappointing to see that the Indian government & media channels are not interested to provide any such guidelines to their people when it has successfully worked for the above countries. 

In fact, we only have been instructed by our govt & media to “STAY HOME STAY SAFE, WEAR MASK ALWAYS, & USE SANITIZERS FREQUENTLY” to avoid COVID-19. But all these instructions are proved controversial because,

1. The N-95 mask pore size ranges from 300-800 nm. But the size of the coronavirus is 100 nm, this makes the mask to be ineffective against the virus.
2. Excessive use of sanitizer is harmful to skin and also reduces the immunity due to high alcohol content in it.
3. Continuously being away from socializing with others may affect a person’s mental health and lead to depression.

So after observing all this, we have concluded that we are definitely going to need to step out for earning. And to immune ourselves, we have to follow the latest research & crucial health techniques that worked for foreign countries, which we should also consider.
Here is the reveal of these techniques,


The most crucial device to tackle COVID19 is Oximeter. As research shows that most of the patients admitted to the hospital was died in the first two days of admission. This happened because all these patients admitted to hospitals are already in critical condition & after lots of efforts they still not survive. 

So does it mean people treat it carelessly? 

Absolutely NO. But the main problem is that we don’t understand when we exactly need to hospitalize. The reason behind this is the initial stage to the mid-stage of COVID19, the patients did not feel any intense symptoms & they feel normal during this period.

And usually, they take it as normal viral flu, body pain, loss of taste/smell, tiredness.  

This tiredness and shortness of breath clearly indicates the low oxygen level in our blood. And we should view it very seriously and immediately visit the hospital for further medical consultation.

So how do we know the oxygen level of our blood?

In that case, the oximeter plays and a vital role in saving our lives. Because the oximeter detects the exact oxygen level in our blood. 

The oximeter works perfectly just by simply placing your finger in the device. The display on the device will automatically calculate the oxygen amount in your blood. Along with this, you can also observe your pulse rate in it.

The normal oxygen level in the blood of a person should be as high as possible i.e 100. And it is still considered a sufficient level till it is as low as 95.

This tiny device is easily available in the market and at a very affordable cost.

Please Note :- There are lots of fake devices available in the market. So be careful while picking one for you. & below we mention top three oximeter in the market after lots of research and customer reviews.

Here are some of the best & affordable oximeter in the market recommended by experts,

Pulse Digital Oximeter

Dr Trust Oximeter

DR VAKU Oximeter

2. Immunity Booster

Sadly yet there is no vaccination found for COVID-19 even after all the hard efforts of worldwide experts around the world. And all the health gadgets we recommend in this article will help you to prevent COVID19.
But what if you get infected with it?
The latest research shows that lots of people tackled COVID19 easily with the help of self immunity. We all have a strong immunity power and we should trust it.
Because not a single medicine is effective against COVID19, but still lots of people recover from it with the help of their immunity. So the most crucial thing we need to do in this situation is to trust our immunity and try to improve it. After all, it is the only & most salutary weapon we have to fight against the Noval coronavirus till now.

So how can we improve our immunity power?
There are several factors that involve in improving our immunity like, taking high-grade diet plans, not eating outside food, regular exercise, sufficient sleep, etc. But the most vital part to improve our immunity is taking a good amount of vitamin C & Zinc. Because vitamin C has an antioxidants property and Zinc can help to fight against infection.
Recent research also shows that these vitamins are really effective in fighting against COVID19.

Vitamin C is largely available in fruits like orange, lemon, amla, citrus, etc. & the source of Zinc are beans, whole grains, meat, seeds, etc.

Vitamin C– 70 mg to 90 mg

Zinc– 8 mg for women and 11 mg for adult men. 

The above merits are the per day basic requirements of human body for Vitamin C & Zinc. But that is not enough to improve our immunity system. So we need plenty of vitamin C around 800 mg to 1000 mg to improve our immunity. And to get 800 mg to 1000 mg vitamin C we need around 8 to 10 oranges daily or two glasses of orange juice. But this is not possible for every individual. So for that, you can refer the below supplements, which provide you a great amount of vitamin C & zinc in a single tablet, which is soluble in water. So you can enjoy this testy orange drink at any time. And these are sugar and gluten-free so no need to worry. Check these recommended brands by doctors,

Trycone Vitamin C & Zinc

Fast&Up Vitamin C & Zinc

Bigmuscles Vitamin C & Zinc


It’s observed that fever and an increase in body temperature is also one of the common symptoms of coronavirus patient. A thermometer is used to check the body temperature of an individual. Any normal thermometer is usually used to detect his/her temperature but with the physical contact. 

We all know that COVID19 spreading rate is so high. Therefore to avoid the risk of coming in physical contact with an ill person infrared thermometer is useful. The infrared thermometer is fast and determines the accurate temperature of a person within a few seconds. The thermometer displays the temperature reading when the trigger button is pressed within the range of 3-15cms from the object.
We all might have observed now that before entering any store or visiting any places a primary temperature check is made and only then we are allowed to enter. But this can also be apply to our daily life to check the temperature of our home visitors to prevent the spread of COVID19. This infrared thermometer becomes a very safe and useful device.

The infrared thermometer or the non-contact thermometer works perfectly when you press the trigger button after keeping it in the range of 3-15cms from a person or object.
The distance range for thermometer the thermometer to work is mostly mentioned on its packaging.

The infrared thermometer displays the temperature in degree Celcius as well as in degree Fahrenheit. The normal temperature of an individual is from 97.3 deg F – 99.5 deg F or 37 deg C. If the temperature exceeds above this he/she should consider consulting a doctor.

Also in some thermometers, the display automatically turns red if the temperature is more than the above reading. A series of beep sound could also be heard in that case.

In the case of non-contact temperature measurement, the best way to take temperature is either forehead or earlobe. And the gun pointer should be straight 90 deg to the person.

Some of the trusted and known infrared thermometers are;

Vandelay Thermometer

Dr Trust Thermometer

Gilma Thermometer


It has been observed that because of the change in eating habits and the type of food we consume we are prone to several diseases. Some of the commonly known problems are heart attacks and high blood pressure even at a younger age. 

Sometimes we are unaware of any of these physical conditions in our body or sometimes don’t give importance to any of the symptoms our body shows. In that case, everyone needs to keep an update about our health.

The blood pressure increase or decrease up to a certain level is equally harmful for a person. That means should neither drop below a certain level(90/60) nor should it rise more than a certain level(140/90). Earlier we had to go physically to a doctor to get this checked. But this job can be done now by ourself from anywhere. With the help of a blood pressure monitor, we can measure our blood pressure within a few seconds on our own.

The bpm is advanced in technology and accurately measures the blood pressure along with pulse rate that is observed on the display screen. Many bpm are provided with the feature to change its display color if blood pressure measured is out of range. Some of the bpm is capable of calculating the irregular heartbeats of the patient. The beeping sound indicates the blood pressure being low or high and thus indicates to take medical consultations accordingly. We recommend that every house should have a bpm for their family.

Omron HEM 7120 BP Monitor

Omron HEM 6161 BP Monitor

DR Morepen BP Monitor


Several messages and rumors are circulating in the social media about the use of steamer to tackle the coronavirus. Different claims are made about it worldwide being very effective in curing the COVID-19 situation. It is said that countries like China and Japan have managed now to keep the corona patient level in control with the help of using the steamer regularly. Some people have now been using the steamer even 2-3 times a day.

We all are aware that steamer is useful for cold & cough situation. But we do not claim any assurance about it being completely affective in tackling the coronavirus.

According to scientific studies, it is observed that the COVID-19 virus cannot survive at temperature above 56 deg C. Using the steam and inhaling hot air through mouth and nose might be beneficial for curing cold and cough. But we should be careful because our body cells are at risk if the temperature rises above 41 degrees C. That means longer exposure to continuous hot air inside the body may prove harmful for us.

If you are looking for some of the best steamers for cold & cough check this out;

Aryshaa Steamer

Healthgenie Steamer

BeatStock Steamer

We hope that you like above all facts and research. And you will take the necessary steps to fight against COVID19. We request you to share this article with your loved ones to spread awareness.


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