Full body massager: Top 10 massagers in India 2020

Top 10 Best Full Body Massager in India 2020

Here is the most in-depth article to find the best full body massager machine in India 2020.

In this article, we are going to breakdown the following ESSENTIAL KEY POINTS, which leads you to make a final call of your purchase. 

  • Importance of Full body massager.
  • How this tiny device produces numerous health benefits for you?
  • List of top 10 best full body massager after deep research.
  • Buying guide to pick the most relevant massager for you.

So let’s dive in.

Why do you need a full body massager?

In today’s so-called modern lifestyle, you don’t get enough time to take care of yourself. And the most common continue sitting workstyle, less sleep, unhealthy eating habits, & lack of exercise, causes some common health issues. Like back pain, leg & foot issues, shoulder pain, ankles, knees, and joint pains, headache, etc.


And because of your hectic schedule, you keep neglecting them or not healing well. And these small pains become a serious injury in the long run. 


But with the help of massage therapy, you can easily tackle these health issues and can also get unlimited health benefits. 


But in reality, taking regular massage therapy in a massage parlour or in a spa is again a time-consuming and not affordable for every individual. 


Therefore, the great invention of the full body massager is an excellent solution to this problem.

Also, to tackle the most common leg and foot issues you can check these dedicated leg & foot massagers.

And the most vital part with these leg & full body massager is they deliver the same experience & result as you get after real human massage.




But before exploring the best massagers in India, Let’s understand its operation and effectiveness in short. After all, it’s all about your health.

How this tiny body massagers produces huge health benefits?

Some of the greatest inventors invent this exceptional useful electric massager device for human welfare. 


These full body massager machines use various massage therapies like Vibration therapy, Infrared therapy, Ultrasound therapy, Acupressure therapy, Shiatsu pressure therapy, etc. 


And research proves that, these techniques are very effective for several health issues. 


Sometimes our tissues and muscles become rigid and stiff. It causes an interruption in blood flow and limit our movements. So we experience pain and inflammation in different body parts.


But with the help of this handy device, you can easily overcome all those issues. And also it gives instant relaxation, which we need desperately after a long day of work.

So the benefits with this small device are endless. 


However, there are several choices in the market, which can create confusion in your purchase. 


Therefore, on the base of brand-trust, performance, reliability, and budget, we showcase the review for the most valuable top 10 best full body massager machine in India. 


Also, you can refer our BUYING GUIDE to understand different types of massager and which one is best suitable for you. 

1. Trust Physio Electric Full Body Massager For Pain Relief of Back, Leg & Foot

Dr. Trust Physio is the most trusted & reliable brand for well-being and individual care products. They create this affordable electric massager to give you professional-grade massaging experience at home.

Moreover, they provide free Dr trust digital thermometer.

This handy massager delivers light to steady pressure on different parts of the body. It employs the shiatsu massage technique to produce a sense of relaxation.

It also helps in Anxiety & depression, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, headaches, myofascial pain syndrome, soft tissue strains or injuries, sports injuries, as well as in boosting immunity. That’s why it occupied 1st place in the list of top massagers in India.


Best for – Full body

Operation – On electricity, elongated 1.6M cord

Type – Handheld

Speed regulator – Yes

Massage type – Vibration, utilizes the shiatsu massage technique

Heads – 4 massage heads with a protective cover to prevent hair damage.

Weight – lightweight

Motor – Good quality


warranty – 1 Year Standard Warranty. The warranty can be extended for an additional 6 months for free by registering on the manufacturer’s website within 15 days.

2. Dr Physio (USA) Active Hammer Electric Powerful Body Massager with Vibration

Another great invention by Dr physio with the same trust and reliability. The great thing with this electric massager is, it uses infrared light therapy with vibration. And infrared light therapy is best for your skin problems, injuries, muscle pain, joint pain, and spinal pain.

The long-extended handle with rubber grip provides ease of massaging experience and that long handle helps to massage hard to reach areas of the body.

Also, the motor is so powerful which can generate 3,350 pulses per minute. And It features an intelligent digital display through which you can control the functionality of this device.


Best for – Neck, back, and foot

Operation – On electricity, elongated 1.7M cord

Type – Handheld

Speed regulator – Yes with smart panel

Massage type – Vibration + Infrared

Heads – 4 massage heads.

Weight – lightweight

Motor – Excellent

warranty – 6 months.

3. HealthSense (India) Toner-Pro HM 210 Electric Handheld Manipol best full body massager machine in India

HealthSense is another trusted brand for quality and performance. You can expect long-lasting experience with this brand. If you are a massage lover and want to massage regularly then you should go with this product. Because it uses a powerful motor with pure copper wire for energy efficiency and superior performance.

This electric massager helps to relax your aching muscles and target those excess fat pockets. So it’s also effective for weight loss.

The most impressive thing with this massager is, it uses 8 red LED lights which improves blood circulation and enhances the massage effect. Red light associates anti-aging properties by providing benefits to skin cells.

This is one of the best full body massager machines in India.


Best for – waist, neck, shoulder, arm, hips, thighs, buttocks, calf and feet

Operation – On electricity, elongated 1.6M cord

Type – Handheld

Speed regulator – Yes

Massage type – Vibration.

Heads – 4 massage heads, with mesh cover to prevent hair damage.

Weight – lightweight

Motor – Excellent copper motor

warranty – 1 year

4.Ultracare Pro Sonictens Advanced Ultrasound And Tens Combination Pain Relief Massager

Ultracare Pro is one of the most reputed brands for the massager manufacturing industry. SONICTENS is FDA and CE approved which shows product authority and expertise for the particular field.

The most significant part is sonictens developed combination of two therapies namely, Ultrasound (US) and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS).

Both therapies are the most proven electrotherapies for pain relief. UA therapy therapeutic ultrasonic waves that penetrate your skin and stimulate tissues to give you relief from the pain. And TENS therapy uses electronic current to stimulate the nerves.

The best part is Sonictens combine both impeccable pain relief therapy in a single device. Also, they conduct a clinical trial test to check the efficiency of sonictens and it proved itself with a 91% effectiveness ratio.

Sonictens is one of the best massagers for back pain, Muscle Atrophy, Muscle Cramps, Spasms, And Strains, Post-Operative Recovery, Pain from Herniated Discs, Arthritis Pain, Sciatica Pain, Tendonitis, Heal Pain, Wrist Pain, Bursitis, Hip Pain, Piriformis Syndrome, Tissue Damage Due to Hip Dislocation or Fracture and Lumbar Pain.     

This device worth 1st place on our review list. but just because it little pricy we drag it in 4th place. But we highly recommend this device if you seriously suffer from various body pains. And by features, it is one of the best massagers in India.


Best for – Back, knee, shoulder, & neck pains.

Operation – On electricity, elongated 2M cord

Type – Handheld

Speed regulator – Yes with lots of different features

Massage type – Ultrasound (US) and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy

Come with – 1 Naturecure Ultrasound Gel, 1 Reusable Self-Adhesive Electrode Pad, 1 Ultracool Pack, 1 Lead Wire, 1 Power Adapter, 1 Instruction Manual, 1 Quick Start Guide, 1 Electrode Placement Chart, 1 Carrying Pouch.

Weight – lightweight

Machine – Excellent quality, It has 1-Mhz frequency ultrasound waves in pulsed form.

Warranty – 1 year.

5.Trust Physio (USA) Electric Heat Shiatsu Machine Body Massagers

Now no need to give an introduction for Trust Physio brand authority in the massager field.

This massager is one of the best massagers from Trust Physio. Because it delivers the ideal amount of kneading shiatsu pressure with eight rotating nodes to cradle, support, and relax muscles, with warm (up to 40 degrees C) comforting infrared light that reaches deep into muscle fibers to release tension, stress and even pain.

The best part with this electric massager is you don’t have to put efforts to massage your body like in other massager cases. You just have to relax and the Four-Node Shiatsu massager will provide you relaxing comfort spa-quality massage experience at your own home.

Plus, using a bi-direction movement that mimics the feeling of a personal massage.

The unique design with clever hand loops makes this massager easy to use. And the built-in cushioned lets you lay back to relax and enjoy a complete comfort.   


Best for – Neck Shoulder, Back, belly, hip, thigh, waist, calves.

Operation – On electricity, provides power adapter for home use & vehicle mounted car lighter plug for car use.

Type – Handheld + Auto massage

Speed regulator – Yes

Massage type – Shiatsu pressure with infrared light

Come with – free car charger and adapter

Weight – lightweight

Machine – Good quality with overheating protection by a smart chip

Warranty – 6 months

6.Dr Physio (USA) Eva Cordless Rechargeable Full Body Massager

Finally, we reviewed the first CORDLESS full body massager in our list, with the trust and authenticity of Dr Physio brand. We found that this is one of the top cordless massagers in India.

With USB you can charge this super handy cordless device anywhere. This easy to carry sporty massager comes with high performance 28 vibration patterns and 8 intense speed strength to tailor your massage experience and reduced stiffness in your body and muscles by stimulating molecular activity.

It’s 100% water-resistance property that allows you to use this device in a bath or shower.

Also, it’s compact design, flexibility, & soft bendable silicone head provides you the ease of massage experience. Eva body massagers are extremely quiet while operating.


Best for – Full Body

Operation – On battery

Type – Handheld

Speed regulator – Yes

Massage type – Vibration (20 types of vibrations)

Come with – USB, & satin bag

Weight – lightweight

Machine – Good

Warranty – 6 months

7.JSB 03 body massager

JSB is another Superior brand in the massage industry with 30 years of experience and dedication to serving the highest quality standard at a genuine price.

This is the most powerful heavy-duty body massagers, which uses a powerful vibration massage technique for muscular pain and provides you with a relaxing effect.

It has a long handle with non-slippery rubber grip allows you to massage on hard to reach areas of your body. Also, it has dual heads with coverage which allows you to cover the maximum part of your body.

PLEASE NOTE: This massager is only for muscular parts of your body and should not use directly on bones. Also, pregnant women, children below the age of 10years, persons who suffer from bone issues should not use this device.


Best for – Only for Back Massage, Neck Massage, Foot Massage & Other Muscular Pains

Operation – On Electricity, elongated approx 1.6M cord

Type – Handheld

Speed regulator – Yes

Massage type – Strong Vibration

Heads – 6 heads

Weight – Slightly heavy

Machine – Excellent

Warranty – 1 Year

8.Ozomax BL-182-PR Pro Full body massager

Ozomax body massagers are the cheapest massager in our review list. It is a good massager that comes with seventeen different types of attachments that gives relaxing massage to almost every part of the body.

Also, it’s vibration massage therapy can help in relieving fatigue, relax the whole body and ease stress. It stimulates nerves by reflexology therapy and promotes blood circulation.

Magnetic head and two massaging speed modes give you overall good experience of massage.


Best for – Full body

Operation – On electricity, elongated 1.5M cord

Type – Handheld

Speed regulator – Predefined Two speed mode only

Massage type – Vibration

Heads – 17 massage heads

Weight – lightweight

Motor – Average

warranty – 1 Year

9.Dr Physio (USA) Electric Powerful Body Massagers with Vibration For Pain Relief

Last but not the least is Dr Physio massager device in our review list. This multi-hammer massager is the best solution for pain anywhere in your body.

By great ergonomic design means this handheld body massager is lighter and easy to use, giving you the full flexibility to massage away muscle tension from head to toe. And powerful motor that runs up to 3, 350 pulses per minute with customizable speed settings.

This product is particularly designed to give a rejuvenating and quick relief experience after a long and tiring day. Its shiatsu Vibration technique and infrared light, helps to relieve tightness in muscles, increases blood circulation and releases stress.


Best for – neck, back, legs and foot

Operation – On electricity, elongated 1.6M cord

Type – Handheld

Speed regulator – Yes (digital display)

Massage type – Vibration, utilizes the shiatsu massage technique

Heads – 4 massage heads

Weight – lightweight

Motor – Excellent

Warranty – 6 months

10. AGARO 33324 Relaxo Electric Handheld Full Body Massager

Agaro Relaxo is our last recommended product on our list. Because of its performance and premium built-up quality, it gives great massaging experience.

It uses Percussion technology with 5 vibration modes & 6-speed settings, which helps in relaxation & pain relief via deep tissue Stimulation.  I-finger-touch button operation with LED display.

With a compact design and convenient long circle handle allows you to massage hard to reach areas of your body. It provides you 5 different massage modes. Overall, it is one of the good massagers in India.


Best for – Full body

Operation – On electricity, elongated 1.4M cord(approx.)

Type – Handheld

Speed regulator – Yes

Massage type – Percussion technology.

Heads – 8 massage heads, with mesh cover to prevent hair damage.

Weight – lightweight

Motor – Good

Warranty – 1 year


Step-by-step guide to get the best full body massager machine in India.

This article exhibits the most salutary, authentic, & Value for money full body massager machines in India. But every massager device is associated with different features & functions, which can satisfy different needs of users. So buying any type of massager without some research, maybe not a good deal for you.

Therefore, we highly recommend you that you should first understand everything about the product before putting your hard-earned money on it.

So here is the breakdown of essential key points that you should keep in mind while making a purchase.


There are several types of full body massager machines available in the market and every massager has a different working principle, which provides different results. And this creates confusion in buying. So in this article, we only showcase some common but result-oriented massager types for ease of purchase. 

So, you just have to decide which type of massager is more suitable for you. And the following breakdown for different types of massager will lead you to choose one of them.

Vibration Massager

Massager Working-

Most of the massagers in India uses vibration technique. Generally, it contains a handheld motor that generates a vibration to a certain part of massager. And there is a probability to set vibration frequency to achieve the desired results.

What are the benefits of vibration massager? 

Applying Vibration on the target part of your body helps relieve tension, stiffness from your muscles and tissues. That enhances your blood flow and produces a relaxation effect. It also helps for,

  1. Burning fat. 
  2. Reduce pain and inflammation.
  3. Release stress. 
  4. Recover from depression and anxiety.

Best for - If you experience stress & normal muscle pain & inflammation. And want instant relaxation after your hectic working day, then you should consider vibration full body massager. It's also beneficial for weight loss.

Ultrasound Massager

Ultrasound massager generates continuous transmission of sound waves. these sound waves create microscopic vibrations in the deep tissue to relieve pain and to promote tissue healing. 

What are the benefits of ultrasound massager?

Ultrasound therapy is a treatment used by occupational therapists or physical therapists to relieve pain. It is more effective if you face any of the following 

  1.  Pain From Herniated Discs 
  2.  Muscle Atrophy
  3.  Muscle Cramps, Spasms, And Strains
  4.  Post Operative Recovery
  5. best massager for back pain
  6. Arthritis Pain
  7. Sciatica Pain 
  8. Wrist Pain, Bursitis

Best for - It is best for the person who suffers from various body pains for a long time. Ultrasound therapy is also beneficial for the person who suffered with several joint pains & arthritis pain.

Pressure Massager

This type of massagers in India induced different types of pressure from its massager part. This provides good blood circulation on a targeted body part, which provides instant relaxation and pain relief. This type of massage gives a feel of real massage, which we experienced in massage parlour or spa.

Best for - If you want instant relaxation and desire to take real massage from massage parlour and spa then can go with this type of massager. Also, it provides several health benefits.

Acupressure Massager

Acupressure massagers applied physical pressure to our acupuncture points to eliminate any kind of blockage and improve blood circulation. These acupuncture points usually refer to our hand palms and foot palms.

Usually, some full body massager provides acupressure massage heads.


While choosing a full body massager this is the next important parameter that you should consider while making a purchase. Because shape defines its ability to massage. The Best way is you have to choose Ergonomic and compact design for flexibility of use. And we recommend you to look precisely on massager handle for a good pick.

Long massager handle allows you to massage your hard to reach areas of the body. In case of handle, you can also consider its grip for better hold.


You are going to buy a full body massager for relaxation, pain relief. And to achieve this your massager should be lighter. 

Because heavy massager can reduce your massage time. And you will find that massage with heavy devices is extremely difficult, especially when you are already tired after your hectic day.

Therefore, massager weight is one of the important parameters to gain ease of massing experience. So to make it easy we already specified the weight category for each massager in its specification part.

Tip- we suggest you choose a lightweight massager for flexibility of use.


Massage Heads– Often full body massager is designed to deliver more than one type of massage experience. And it can be achieved with different types of massage heads.

Mesh cover– Mesh cover is one type of smooth protective cover that you can place on massage head to prevent hair damage while taking a massage. 

We already specified the count for numbers of Heads & mesh cover for every product. 

Tip – You should go for the model which has at least 3 massage heads. Also, don’t forget about the mesh cover if you are a hairy kind of person.


You can say warranty is one type of security for your invested money, on a particular product. 

The reputed brand’s product usually comes with a warranty for a certain time of period. Whereas local product doesn’t have any warranty for their products.

Also, brands provide trust, authority, reliability. Therefore, we mention all brand-oriented top 10 best massagers in India. So you will get a warranty plus quality.

These small points add a lot of value and comfort in your experience with a massager. We hope you understand, which full body massager is most suitable for you. And above all massagers are the best massagers in India.


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