Best printer under 10000| Top 10 printers of 2020

Best printer under 10000

 Printers have been around for a long time and sure made routine work convenient. The importance of a good printer in our daily life has been well known now. So many tasks that were seemingly difficult in the past have now been achieved easily. Buying a printer may seem like a very ordinary chore but to be honest, when it comes to purchasing, it may be a very confusing thing. Here in this article we provide you budget-friendly options for best printer under 10000.

Through all this time, printer has observed a lot of changes in its design as well as technology. The use of printer has also been changing. From just used to printing our documents, it is nowadays used for  printing resumes, college projects, school projects, applications, presentations, and much more. Already the future of print is expanding into 3D printing many printers with different features come at different price range.

With time, printer has evolved greatly in technology and also offering several feature with cheap price. We provide you the 10 best printer under 10000 available in the market. We have reviewed these printers on the base of our research on features provided, its capabilities and price range it comes with. Read our reviews and compare products to decide which printer under 10k is best for you.

Top 10 best printer under 10000 in India​

1. HP DESKJET 5085 Inkjet printer

Type- Inkjet Printer

Functionality- Print,Scan, Copy

Connectivity- Wi-Fi direct, USB, HP smart app

The HP Deskjet 5085 in is a multifunction printer and can be an affordable solution if you have a price barrier. This heavy duty printer is so compact and easy to use.

This multifunction printer does all features like print, scan, copy with ease. The printer is economic to buy and gives excellent printing quality. This tiny looking 6kg printer does its job like a big heavy duty printer like duplex printing.

With the technologically advanced feature like Hands Free Printing, voice-activated printing which works with Alexa & Google Assistant. It is an affordable solution for those who are looking for printer with small office.

  • Decent cost per print
  • High quality multifunction printer
  • Handsfree printing

2. HP 310 All-in-One Ink tank color printer

Type- Inkjet Printer

Functionality- Print, Scan, Copy

Connectivity- USB

If anybody has looking for Hp printer, it is rare that he might have came across HP 310 ink tank printer. This is an all-in-one printer with very small and sleek design.

The printer comes with ink tank segment along its body which can be detached and is helpful while refilling. Along with the design and a more reliable ink tank printer, HP 310 is loaded with lots of features that makes it a great home printer for the buyers. HP 410 All-in-One Ink Tank color printer is quite durable and can print up to 1000 pages in a month.

  • LCD Display 
  • Dark printing
  • hold up to 60 sheets

Print resolution for color printing is of 4800 x 1200 DPI, which is good. With speed of 25 sheets in a minute and low cost per print, this is good and affordable printer Overall, with the above features and decent color printing speed this is a good option while buying printer for home and small office.

3. HP Deskjet 1112 Inkjet Colour Printer

Type- Inkjet Printer

Functionality- Print only

Connectivity- USB

This is an ideal device for the buyers who are looking forward to buy a device that provides a great value for money. This printer has gotten quite a lot of attention because of the very low price. In fact, Hp Deskjet 1112 is the cheapest printer in our list.

The printer is not only easy on pocket but also light in weight. The compact 2kg printer is so small that it leaves you with lot of space on your computer desk.

  • Light weight
  • Smooth working

It only provides single function of printing. With being very cheap in cost and brand reliability of company like HP this is great choice. HP 1112 is great for people who need printer for only single purpose. It is overall one of the best printer under 10000.

4. Epson L130 Single Function InkTank Printer

Type- Ink tank Printer

Functionality- Print only

Connectivity- USB

If a person is looking for a printer which can efficiently fulfill the needs for home and small business use, Epson L130 suits the job. Although it provides only print function but it is up to the mark

With trusted brand like Epson printers, L130 ink tank printer is impressive and energy-saving printer under 10000 available in the market. Some highlights about this printer are;

  • Good Print quality
  • Print speed of 27 pages(B/w)
  • Resolution of 5760 x 1440

The high print resolution print it offers delivers pleasing color prints. This economic and multi-functional printer is a great option being affordable for home use printers and small business printer.

5. HP DeskJet 4729 Ink Advantage Printer

Type- Ink advantage printer

Functionality- Print, Scan, Copy

Connectivity- USB, Wi-Fi

If you are looking for an easy to operate and multifunctional printer in this category, HP Deskjet 4729 inkjet is the one. This printer is an all-in-one printer with USB connectivity as well as through wireless.

Some highlights about it are;

  • Print resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi for color print
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Voice assisted printing

This all-in-one printer comes with reliability of brand like HP and provides print, scan, copy feature. This printer has voice-activated printing feature which works with Alexa & Google Assistant. Which means, you don’t have to even click any button to get a printout.

Not only is it economic to buy but even the printing cost is low. The printing cost of this printer is about 52 paise for black/white and 1.01rupees for color print. Weighing just above 5kg and sleek design, the printer fits in offices and home easily. This is good and affordable option for all-in-one printer.


Type- Ink Efficient printer

Functionality- Print, Scan, Copy,

Connectivity-  USB, WiFi, WiFi Direct, Google Cloud Print

Canon has been a well known electronics brand in India. And all its Pixma series printer has been very impressive for many people. Talking  about Pixma E477, it delivers as a good option for someone looking for compact and reliable device. With features like;

  • Wireless printing
  • Brilliant print quality
  • Easy to operate

It is very compact to but it does not compromise in quality. The printer provides crisp clear color prints. The wide range of connectivity options makes it a perfect buy for homes where different users use different kind of devices.

It is so affordable that it becomes a considerable choice for not only as the best printer under 10000 but even under 5000 INR. It is a great value for money product as it also provides good printing speed and automatic document feeder. This is a perfect printer for the buyers who are looking for a printer that can let them print highly professional quality prints without spending much.

7. Epson Ecotank L3110 all-in-one Ink tank Printer

Type- Ink tank printer

Functionality- Print, scan, copy

Connectivity- USB

 Epson Ecotank L3110 is a multifunction Ink tank printer with feature like print, scan and copy.The printer is capable of producing good quality photo printing. The printer has more number of nozzles than other models in this range. More number of nozzles means great clarity in color prints.

Some feature we liked about this Ecotank L3110 are;

  • Easy refilling
  • Speed of 33 pages in a minute
  • High yield of ink bottles
  • Low battery consumption of 12W

The printer offers a page yield of  4500 pages which is amazing in this category.

If we look at the color prints of this printer it is an affordable printer for small photography purpose business use. Color prints are detailed and very sharp. The compact design along with speed is an easy attraction for any person and 12w electric consumption is easy on pocket. The printing speed of 33 prints per minute is capable enough as an office use printer. With the price range and number of features it provides, it is one the best printer under 10000 available from Epson.

8. Canon E4270 All-in-One Ink Efficient Printer

Type- Ink Efficient printer

Functionality- Print, Scan, Copy,Fax

Connectivity- Wi-Fi, USB, Canon Selphy App, Apple Airprint, Google Cloud Print

It is an all-in-one printer with print, scan, fax and copy feature. This printer has a lot to be placed in list the list of best printer under 10000. Not only is the fax feature that is additional than other competitor printers, but also it has wireless connectivity.

The wireless printing and duplex printing features are a blessing in the price it comes with. It is also good in print quality of B&W & colour for documents. Some prime features to highlight are;

  • Automatic Document Feeder
  • Borderless printing for photos
  • Fax functionality
  • Hassle free WiFi Printing and Scan 

It has page yield of 400 pages as mentioned by company and resolution of 4800×1200 dpi.

This printer is shockingly providing all these features which are mostly available in heavy duty or high budget printers. Also don’t forget about the automatic document feeder and duplex printing feature it comes with. Overall, this is surely on the best all-in-one printer in this price range.

9. HP Deskjet 2135 All-in-One Ink Advantage Colour Printer

Type- Ink Advantage printer

Functionality- Print, Scan, Copy

Connectivity – USB

The HP Deskjet range comes with the brand reliability of HP printers and being price efficient. If a person is looking for printer with basic use and only requires hassle free printing, Deskjet 2135 is the one.

The printer price is so competitive that it can almost make it the list of printers under 5000 INR. The light weight plastic body is easy to maintain and sleek in design. Although it does not offer scanning copy size above A4, flatbed scanner and the printing quality is quiet good.

  • Decent print for color and b/w copies
  • Attractive looks
  • Good for home use

HP Deskjet 2135 is an entry level printer multifunctional printer. It does all the job a small business printer is required to do and thus ranks in our list for best printer under 10000. Although you cannot expect heavy duty printing work on this at would cost you more. This printer has decent page yield of 1000 pages in a month.

10. Brother HL-L2321D Laser Printer

Type- Laserjet printer

Functionality- Print

Connectivity- USB

Brother HL L2321D printer is the next laser printer in our list of best printer under 10000.

This laser printer is enabled with only print feature. If any person looking for low budget printer that can sustain heavy printing needs, this is a great option.

Brother has been very reliable and known brand in India for its laser printers. Brother HL L2321D, stands upto the expectations with all its features. Some features we liked are;

  • paper tray stacks 250
  • dual side printing
  • very easy to install
  • fast working

This amazing laser printer is one of the most liked and highly sold printer in India. It offers print resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi, perfect for crisp text and excellent graphics. The heavy 250 sheet page tray is efficient for any business printer. With duplex printing the time saved is also a thing to be noticed. Brother HL L2321D is durable and has impressive page yield of 2600 pages.

If you are looking for an affordable duplex printer, this printer is a fantastic buy and one of the best printer under 10000 INR.

Tips Before Buying a Printer

There are several printers available in the market, but there is no single printer that can be suitable for every individual. The requirement you need in a printer can different for other person. So make sure to keep in mind about your needs while looking for in any device.

All-in-one printers serve the purpose of a scanner, printer, and copier. Some may also provide with fax feature included in it. These are also known as multi-function printers.

The paper sheet tray with more capacity is always suitable under any type of printer. Also the document feeder or duplex printing feature is very helpful in long run if you require prints on both side very often.

General factors like, seeking laser printer for printing only text along with speed would be beneficial. And Inkjet printers are usually cheaper upfront, but more costly to operate. If you don’t print much, it can be the more affordable option.

So whenever you plan to buy a printer, below mentioned points will help you select best printer for home use or for small business use;

  • Functionality provided
  • Requirements you need
  • Printing speed
  • Brand value

For in detail information while making a decision when buying a printer checkout our full length BUYING GUIDE  section as well.

Conclusion: Whether you require a printer for home or for small office purpose you should first check for the features. This is because, different types of features are provided in a printer with different price range. Keeping the need for affordable printers in mind we have done this review. Hope this above article will help you guys in making the right choice while buying a printer.

We have reviewed some best printer under 10000 along with specifications. All the printers have been reviewed according to their individual feature and audience response as well.

Frequently asked questions

Ink tank printer can be great option for home use purpose. The ink tanks are easy to refill and as an alternative to ink cartridge is very easy to use.

Also the color print observed in ink tank printers are very detailed.

No, all printers are not capable of it. Inkjet printers produce far superior photo-quality reproductions than laserjet printers. Look for good quality inkjet printer or ink tank printer if you will be using it for professional purposes.

Page yield is the number of pages you could expect  from a printer to produce. Higher is the page yield of the printer, more economic it is.

Every manufacturer provides the page yield information of the device.

If you require more textual prints, then laser printer is efficient for this purpose. Because many times, when the inkjet printers are not brought to use for about a month, it may dry up. And keep in mind that maintaining inkjet printer if used only occasionally is difficult job. 

As per your need you can choose relevant printer from above Top 10 Best printer under 10000 list.

Temperature plays a huge role for life of ink cartridge. Extremely low or high temperature may unexpectedly dry out your ink. Room temperature is most suitable for ensuring that your printer does not dry up.

If not being used for a long time, it may also dry ink and get clogged.

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